Thursday, May 20, 2010

FINDS | Dual Specialty Store, Inc.

In New York City alone, there are countless Asian specialty stores. But I happened into this one last night and it blew me away. If you’re living in NYC, Dual Specialty Store Inc. (India and World Imports) will keep you stocked in your pure veg pantry essentials.

Settled in an unassuming downstairs storefront along First Avenue in the East Village, on first pass, DSS is easy to miss. The ginger and various unusual roots, barks and herbs sitting out front in bins are what initially suggested to me that it might be worth stepping inside. I was right.

Inside, the pleasantly sweet and tasty smell of spices fills the store. In one pass, I was able to count dozens of necessities for my pantry and at least a dozen more items that in the moment I didn’t think I could live without. Jars and bags of ground and whole spices — some standard, others more exotic — as well as dried fruits, nuts, lentils and beans, grains and loose leaf teas are all very reasonably priced and worth the trip just to see.

I left with a couple of bags of loose tea, wishing I’d remembered to buy some ground ginger to replenish my Sweeties baking stock — a perfect reason to go back.

Visit Dual Specialty Store, Inc online at or in person at 91 First Avenue (between 5th and 6th Street), New York, NY.

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