Sunday, June 06, 2010

LOCAL & SUSTAINABLE | Brooklyn Standard

With a sustainability-conscious focus on local products, homemade food and green operations, Greenpoint's Brooklyn Standard Deli is quickly becoming the new standard for grocery stores and bodegas:

We make all of our own products and they are available under the The Standard brand name, from hummus to pasta sauce to fresh Vegan pasta, house pickled beets, prepared Vegan and Vegetarian meals, kimchi, and selective meats. Brooklyn Standard is simultaneously providing the freshest and best, fostering self-employment, and caring for our planet.

Also consider the biodegradable cups and backyard compost bin and it's pretty safe to say The Standard is getting Local & Sustainable down to a science.

For more on Brooklyn Standard, visit or if you haven't yet, head over to 188 Nassau Ave., Brooklyn, NY.

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