Wednesday, August 04, 2010

GREEN THINGS | Kitchen Appliances

The appliances you choose make a big difference in creating an eco-friendly kitchen. These five picks will save energy and run more efficiently, keeping your kitchen green as can be.

1. Stainless steel sink made with recycled content, by Julien

2. Bosch's Ascenta dishwasher exceeds Energy Star standards by 36 percent

3. Elegant, Energy Star-rated Elite Side-by-Side refrigerator by Kenmore

4. Choose a faucet with an aerator — it injects bubbles into the stream, producing the same pressure with less volume to save water — like Kohler's Coralais swing kitchen sink faucet

5. Electric-induction cooktops, like Kitchenaid's Architect® Series II, heat food by transferring electromagnetic energy directly to the pan, using about half as much energy as conventional models

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