Wednesday, September 01, 2010


There's a folder all the way in the right corner at the bottom of my Mac's desktop called "Love!". This is the folder that holds inspirational things I find online; from graphic design inspiration, to photography, to beautifully designed products. Last night I was browsing Branch — an online store based in San Francisco that offers a variety of sustainably designed and produced products — looking for inspiration to add to my Love! folder, and wound up with inspiration for this week's Green Things, too. I fell in Love! with each of the products listed below. They are all stunning and sustainable, and can be purchased online through Branch.

1. Handwoven organically-grown hemp and cotton napkins that were grown on Romanian family farms; by Transylvanian Images.

2. Handmade virgin wool felt Table Slice trivet; by ZigZign

3. Reclaimed wood salt and pepper shakers, handmade in Brooklyn; by Domestic Aesthetic

4. Biodegradable single-use Maru plates, by Wasara

5. Handmade cork tray; designed and developed for Branch by Urbana Design

6. Made-to-order handmade recycled glass Off Pitcher; by Esque

7. Low-fire, ceramic handmade Spot Bowls; by Perch!

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