Saturday, April 16, 2011


This is the wine we chose to go along with dinner tonight — so amazing. It's Chateau de Gaudou 2008 Cahors, and I say amazing because not only is it a full, rich and powerful dark red wine, the $14 we spent on it makes it a total steal. What a great price for such a sound example of this style of often higher-priced wine.

A note to those of you who are very strict vegans: This wine may not be a good recommendation for you — any wine is very likely to not be vegan (Isinglass, gelatin, egg whites and caseins may be used to assist in the processing of wine. Although they are filtered out of the wine before it's sold, the use of these animal ingredients in the creation of the wine makes most unsuitable for strict vegans). If you are a strict vegan, contact Chateau de Gaudou for further information regarding how the wine is produced and whether or not it is suitable for strict vegans.

I myself am not a strict vegan and along with 100% vegan recipes, like to show those who may be considering this type of diet and/or lifestyle but have not done so yet that it doesn't necessarily have to be terribly restrictive. If you'd like to have a glass of wine, that's okay in my book!

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