Sunday, May 15, 2011

Three-Day Fruit Smoothie Cleanse

Every once in a while I start to notice that all the baking, cooking and taste-testing I do for KLB is beginning to catch up with me. It's fun to take decadent, rich meals and special treats and Veganize them in an effort to encourage non-vegans to give a plant-based diet a try. But if you're like me, eating this way all the time — vegan or not — will always catch up with you sooner or later if you're taking in lots of added sugar, carbs and extra calories.

So to center my balance, eliminate any built-up toxins and create a fresh Pure Vegetarian palette for getting back to some healthier eating habits, I'm doing a three-day cleanse. I usually like to do fruit cleanses, paired with yoga and other light exercise like walking, and this cleanse is not much different. Only, instead of consuming solely raw fruit, fruit juice and lots of water I'm blending it all together — literally.

For the next three days, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be fruit smoothies (and I won't forget to snack on fresh fruit whenever I feel hungry, and drink plenty of water and herbal teas). I'll be trying a different kind of fruit in my smoothies each day.

Day One: bananas, blueberries and fresh basil. Here's how you can make your own:


1 ripe banana, peeled and sliced into small rounds
6 oz (1 package) fresh blueberries (I keep mine on hand in the freezer and use them frozen)
1 tablespoon honey (or 1/2 tablespoon agave nectar, or 1 packet of sugar), or to taste
3 - 4 fresh basil leaves, to taste
Juice of one lime
6 - 10 ice cubes

Blend your smoothie: Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth and creamy. Pour into a glass, garnish with sprig of basil and sip with a straw, or pour into a travel mug to drink on the go.

Not all diets are for everyone. Before beginning any diet or cleanse of your own, please consult your doctor.


  1. Great smoothie recipe!

    I've always been curious about these cleanses. Don't you feel protein deprived and constantly hungry?

  2. Hey Ingrid! Thanks for your comment :)

    The idea of a cleanse is pretty much the same as a fast. It eliminates built-up toxins and for me helps renew clarity and mind-body-spirit connection. It's just a few days to sort of clean out house and purify so I can start fresh with healthier dietary choices. Any time I feel hungry, I snack on fresh fruit or make another smoothie.

    A vegan dietary cleanse has become sort of popular now thanks to Oprah, where she ate only vegan meals for a period of time. If anyone who is not already fully vegan is new to cleansing and wants to give it a try, I'd say this would be the way to start. If you're already vegan, I'd say start with a fruit or a juice cleanse for one day only, then go back to light, healthy meals like salads for a day before resuming your normal healthy eating habits. You can work up to three days or more in time.

    Cleanses or fasts are def not for everyone and should never be used as just a quick weight-loss plan or crash diet -- totally not the point!

  3. These are really great suggestions! Thank you. I don't eat meat, but still eat dairy, so starting with a vegan-only diet for a few days seems feasible. It also will be easier for my boyfriend, who eats a lot of my cooking. :)

  4. A vegan cleanse sounds like a great place for you to start if you want to give it a try, Ingrid. You could do it just for a few days the first time, and then work up to doing something longer like Oprah did, from Kathy Freston's book. Just make sure to eliminate caffeine and sugar as well as meat and dairy. Here's a bit about Oprah's cleanse from her blog: