Sunday, November 06, 2011

(Sunken) Double Chocolate Loaf Cake

Not all Veganize It experiments... Turn out. Above is the photo I snapped over the weekend of my little sunken loaf. There's still some experimenting to do, but I figured I'd post the initial result to give a peek into the process (or a peek at the fact that it actually is a process sometimes — you don't always hit it on the first try).

The loaf was really tasty, though the middle sunk while the edges got too crispy. I plan on trying again with a different egg replacement. Stay tuned, and I'll keep you posted on the final result: perfect veganized Baked (as in the Brooklyn bakery) Double Chocolate Loaf Cake!


  1. Actually, this looks amazing. There's something about a sunken chocolate cake...crispy on the outside, gooey and puddingy on the inside, warm sweet chocolaty goodness all through...and it's vegan so you can eat all that puddingy inside without worrying that it might kill you. One of the odd advantages of veganism...And the fact that it was a "failure" makes it psychologically calorie-free. You can eat it all and somehow it doesn't count--