Sunday, March 11, 2012

Energy Elixir: A Sweet, Green Whole-food Smoothie

The thing about green smoothies is that they're not the most appetizing-looking drinks to photograph. The other thing about green smoothies is that they're incredibly good for you and shouldn't be ignored. I've wrestled with how to show you a green smoothie that looks as good as it tastes for some time now, and since St. Patrick's Day (my birthday!) is approaching, I figured what better time than now—a nutrient-rich, sweet, green smoothie beats a shamrock shake or green beer by far. Start your St. Patrick's Day with one of these and feel full of energy (i.e. ready to party).

I've labeled this smoothie "whole food" simply because we're using fresh, whole fruits: oranges, seedless green grapes, kiwi and bananas.

You don't need it—the sweet fruit shields the spinach-y flavor—but for added sweetness, throw in a dash of agave or honey. This works great when you're trying to get kids or really hardcore I-will-never-like-a-thing-like-that people to try your green smoothie. Trust me, they will like it... And for extra flavor, add the fresh-squeezed juice from 1/2 of a lime—it will bring out the wonderful flavors of the fruits in your smoothie.

This recipe makes a whole blender's worth of smoothie. Drink all of it at once in 2 servings, divide it among yourself and another, or refrigerate the rest and save some for later.

Photography, styling and design/graphics by Alyssa, ©Alyssa Yeager


  1. YUM! This looks great for any time of the year. THANKS! :) And it is so healthy for you too...I love it.