Sunday, April 28, 2013

Apple Pear Juice: Sweet Treat

If you want to know what a glass of purely green juice tastes like, imagine cool and crisp freshly mowed lawn—maybe with a hint of ginger. Not for the faint of heart, green juices are the most beneficial; but if you're not there yet, easing into juicing with sweet fruits is not a bad way to get the ball rolling.

Apples and pears are lovely to start with. They're sweet and refreshing, and as you get deeper into juicing and begin to introduce greens like kale and spinach, you can throw in a serving of apple or pear to keep it saccharine before taking the all-green plunge.

As I move through the remainder of our seven days of cleansing juices, I'll focus more on seasonal fruits and greens, and end with all-green or mostly all-green juices. But I wanted to give those who may be just thinking about juicing, or just getting into it, something simple and sweet to start with: Apple Pear Juice with Cucumber, Ginger and Lemon.

As stated before, the juice recipes I'm listing are not meant to be used in a fast. The best way to use them is drinking them on their own first thing in the morning, especially if you're just juicing fruits. I drink a glass of fresh veggie and/or fruit juice every morning for breakfast and wait an hour before eating something more if I'm feeling hungry. And when juicing fruits, keep servings limited—fresh fruit juice is high in sugar.

Photography and styling by Alyssa. Photos ©Alyssa Yeager.

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