Sunday, April 21, 2013

Let's Get Juiced...

When I get one of my wild ideas, there's no holding me back...

Photograph a surreal series of tablescapes featuring rotting food? I was adequately warned about a project of that nature's enormity, but that didn't stop me.

Go backstage at Roseland and hang out with The Mars Volta? I pursued that one for over a year until it finally came together in exactly the right way.

Start a vegan baking company and sell cupcakes to local restaurants? Blackbird Parlour bought them, and only at the eleventh hour did the deal fall apart because financially and logistically, it just couldn't work.

To me, nothing I dream up isn't doable, mostly to the exasperation of my level-headed advisors. Sometimes my ideas are too big, sometimes they're not that big at all. But always, I need to get knee-deep into them before I can decide if they'll actually work, or be something I'll stick with. Which brings me to my new Breville juicer.

A few weeks ago I had the wild idea that I needed to be juicing. I eat a big-ass bowl of fruit for breakfast every day and have been doing this for years, so it very suddenly only seemed natural to buy a machine that would allow me to pulverize my morning fruit and transform it into something drinkable. And let me tell you—I'm especially glad I did.

Juicing is my new "thing". I do it religiously every morning now—I even get up earlier just to have time for this new "thing". Pushing the produce through and watching it explode is probably one of the most satisfying activities you can do. But more than that, the juice is good for you.

So, to celebrate my newfound love of juicing, I'll be concocting, photographing and sharing seven cleansing recipes with you over the next few weeks. If you don't have a juicer but have a Vitamix and still want to get in on the fun, that's no problem—just strain the mixture through some cheesecloth and you'll have juice.

A side note: I'm not talking about juice cleansing i.e. fasting on juice—I'm talking about juices that cleanse. A super-tasty, nutrient-rich glass of fresh, raw juice in the morning is incredibly beneficial and healthy. I tend to drink mainly fruity juices on their own in the morn and wait a half hour or so before eating some wheat toast with peanut butter or watever else it is I'm having for breakfast. Please don't fast on the upcoming juice recipes—use them as a healthy addition to your daily meals.

Photography and styling by Alyssa. Photos ©Alyssa Yeager.

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