Monday, August 05, 2013

Kale with Veggie Sausage and White Beans

The best thing about eating vegan is that you get to try all sorts of interesting foods and ingredients you otherwise probably never would. And you get to use them to change mindsets and make dishes sing. I got a new taste of being able to change mindsets last summer, when I started slipping kale into nearly every side dish or salad I made for barbecues and gatherings. After I'd been doing it for a few gatherings with some of the same crowd, a burger-eating, veggie-free regular came up to me and asked if I'd give her the recipe for my Kale and White Bean Salad.  "Sure!" I said.

Over the past year I've been keeping up my kale employment and still like to add it to nearly everything: salads, sautés, stir-frys, juices... And I've grown incredibly fond of this still of-the-moment nutritional powerhouse. My favorite kind? Curly. So, in the spirit of all things kale, here is one of my most-often-made cooked kale dishes that can be served as a meal all on it's own.

Photography and styling by Alyssa. Photos ©Alyssa Yeager.

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